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Business Reps Drafting Petition to Boost Economy


Slovenia needs a set of fast, determined steps, said GZS boss Samo Hribar Milič as he addressed the traditional high-level meeting of politicians and businessmen organised by the chamber.

Business representatives will be able to sign the petition as of today. Hribar Milič said that the list of measures needed was yet to be completed and supplemented with the key points from today's debate.

The petition will be presented to politicians and six months later the GZS will check "meticulously" which measures will have been implemented, Hribar Milič said.

The key short-term measures proposed by the business representatives include a justice system capable of dealing with late payments and prosecuting white-collar crime.

The business representatives also want faster and more transparent receivership procedures and would like to see the Tax Administration automatically launch receiverships at companies that failed to pay social contributions for more than a year.

The economy moreover needs strong strategic and systemic state aid for new investors, innovations, know-how and research. They also believe Slovenia should set up a national strategic body tasked with defining priority development project.

Speaker Gregor Virant told the business representatives, who gathered at Brdo pri Kranju, that politicians would listen and hear what business representatives have to say.

The current situation creates great political risks, which is a significant factor of the country's poor standing on international financial markets, said Virant.

He believes that a big part of the blame could be put to the institute of referendum, as governments are unable to take full responsibility for consistent policies.

The speaker underlined the importance of dialogue. He expects from the next president to unite and smooth out discrepancies and arguments.

Virant moreover touched on reforms planned by the government. He believes the next two months will be crucial. If the referendums on bad bank and sovereign holding will be called, they will be held in January, he said.


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