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Fuel getting pricier again

A service station operated by Petrol, Slovenia's largest fuel retailer. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

Regulated prices of motor fuels in Slovenia are going up again on 27 February. Regular petrol off motorways will now be available at €1.491 per litre over the next two weeks, and diesel will cost €1.523.

The latest increase, the third straight upward fortnightly change in prices, involves a 4.6-cent hike for petrol and a 2.5-cent increase per litre of diesel. The prices will be effective until 11 March.

In Slovenia prices of the two most popular types of motor fuel are regulated but the pricing only applies to service stations outside the motorway network.

Retailers selling fuel along motorways and expressways are free to set their prices.

The new prices, announced by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, come after the government slightly increased retail margins after repeated calls by fuel retailers to do so. Slovenia's largest fuel retailer Petrol turned to the Constitutional Court in December, arguing the margins are too low.

Starting from 27 February, the margin for diesel sold outside the motorway network is capped at €0.0783 per litre, up from €0.0683, and the maximum margin for unleaded petrol is €0.0794 per litre, up from €0.0794.

If it were not for government regulation, a litre of regular petrol would cost €1.55, and diesel €1.60 a litre, the ministry said.


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