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Two Slovenians climb new route in Patagonia

Luka Krajnc and Luka Lindič complete a new route on Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia (right). Photo: Luka Lindič

Slovenians Luka Krajnc and Luka Lindič have completed a first ascent to the top of a new climbing route on Aguja Poincenot, a mountain located in Argentinian Patagonia.

The 500-metre climb was documented in February in what was the climbers' third attempt to complete the route, the Slovenian Alpine Association announced on 5 March.

The route, which they dubbed Pot (The Way), is located in the southern face of the 3,002-metre Aguja Poincenot.

Members of a Celje alpine association, Krajnc and Lindič first took on the route in 2022, but a rockfall thwarted their plan. Last year, they wanted to have another go at it, but poor weather ruined the second attempt.

Third's time a charm: the new route on Aguja Poincenot, which brings to mind a granite monolith, was completed between 23 and 26 February. It took the climbers some 30 hours of effective climbing and three longer stops during which they sheltered in a bivouac.

"As always, it was worth the wait," Krajnc said, adding that Patagonia's summer finally allowed them to achieve their goal. "Our engine worked like a dream again, and we could not wait to see a forecast for sunny weather with less wind."

"The biggest challenge during The Way was to start believing that a pass through seemingly almost impassable terrain can be found in the middle section. The feeling at the top was incredible, and the satisfaction we felt immense," Lindič added.

The two are known for having climbed hundreds of routes together regardless of season. Last year, they celebrated 20 years of their friendship by completing a first ascent of a new route in the northern face of Mt Rjavina in the Julian Alps, which is considered the most challenging long route in Slovenian mountains.


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