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Holiday homes that offer a return on investment

An OI Concept Village. Photo:

Using high-quality natural materials, the Hoče-based company Oikos Housing has been creating modular holiday homes and villages, offering the buyers a return on their investment.

After opening two OI Concept Villages in Drage near Pakoštane on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, Oikos Housing is now completing a third such village on the island of Pag, and planning another development on the Pohorje Massif above Maribor.

The company manufactures high-end sustainable prefabricated timber homes at its Hoče location as well as develops whole village-like resorts located at attractive but secluded locations.

"We opted for the concept after identifying the market's needs. We found that many people with a similar vision are looking for opportunities to invest in a property that affords the flexibility of owner-occupation and hassle-free rental," company CEO Miloš Ulčar has told the Slovenian Press Agency.

More than 150 investors from Europe have invested in OI Concept Villages.

The model allows the owners to enjoy the units as their holiday homes, but when they do not need them they can rent them out where Oikos Housing takes care of promotion and of renting their properties to guests.

"This not only provides the investors with a monthly income from their investment, but also takes the worries associated with managing the property out of the equation," Ulčar explains.

He says their aim was to create a community of like-minded investors who appreciate the quality, comfort and simplicity that their concept offers.

The business model was inspired by the sailing industry, where owners often rent out their boats. "We have successfully transferred this approach to ownership to the real estate sector, entering the global market with an innovative product that goes beyond the traditional holiday home," the CEO says.

Their pilot project in Drage near Pakoštane created the foundation for the success of the concept. They are now in the final stages of building their third project, featuring more than 100 homes on the island of Pag.

"Most of these homes have already found their owners, with only a few units left. Our investors come from different European countries," says Ulčar.

Their next development on Pohorje is expected to welcome first guests next year. "This project comes in response to the wishes of investors looking for a haven in a mountainous area where they can enjoy sporting activities and relax in the heart of nature."

They are planning to expand further in the coming years and have already "shortlisted new locations where the OI Concept Village will come to life."

At the same time, new designs are being developed "to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the market, including self-sustaining energy systems".

The company currently employs 25 people. Both the headquarters and production are located in Hoče, near Maribor.

"Our team is responsible for the whole process, from conception to final implementation. With the help of architects, we have developed a unique design that combines modern architectural solutions with high-quality materials, ensuring aesthetic perfection as well as durability and comfort," says the CEO.

Having their own production line gives them full control over the quality and efficiency of production, allowing them to use only the best materials.


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