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Italian uni offers Laibach course

Laibach performing at the opening of the Frankfurt Bok Fair in 2023. Photo: Katja Kodba/STA

Just as some US colleges and universities have launched courses on pop stars such as Taylor Swift, the University of Salerno in Italy will launch in April a course dedicated to iconic Slovenian conceptual music group Laibach and its contribution to Slovenian, Balkan, European and global culture.

The course will be offered at the department of cultural heritage as part of a master's programme in performing arts and multimedia production, according to the Italian press agency Ansa.

Those taking the course See You in Hell - The Laibachs between three Dissolutions: Yugoslavia, Europe, the World will delve, together with Professor Gabriele Frasca, into the history of Laibach and the broader art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst, both of which originated in the 1980s.

Laibach focuses on shifts and crises such as the break-up of Yugoslavia, the crisis of "former Europe", the growing totalitarian currents sweeping the West and the rest of the planet, all with the renewed fear of nuclear war in the background, the university was quoted as saying.

Globally one of the most established Slovenian music groups, Laibach was founded in the mining town of Trbovlje in 1980 while Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia. Its music fuses various genres, from experimental heavy industrial sound and electronica to symphonic orchestration.


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