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Slovenian wanderer goes on another adventure

World traveller Oli Walker and his dog bid farewell to their hometown. Photo: Gregor Mlakar/STA

Oliver Tič, a world traveller from a small town in northeastern Slovenia nicknamed Oli Walker, has embarked on another epic journey. Accompanied by his dog, he plans to walk more than 30,000 kilometres across four continents.

Oli started his long-distance journeys in 2014 when he walked across Slovenia, and two years later, having stepped up his ambition, he completed a 6,840-kilometre journey from he West Coast to the East Coast in the US.

Six years ago, he set out to walk 25,122 kilometres from the southernmost point in South America to the north of Alaska to experience what is known as the longest road in the world - the Pan-American Highway. The journey was disrupted because of Covid, so it took him 996 days to complete it.

It was during that time that he met his dog Carlitos, who has become his travel buddy. On 5 April they began another journey, the most challenging for them so far, to add walking across additional four continents to their achievements.

Oli dubbed the years-long adventure Friendship Walk Around the World and it will first take them from Europe to Asia. The next continent they will visit is Australia, followed by Africa.

The plan is to walk across some 35 countries and return back home in three to four years.

A group of friends and other supporters gathered in Slovenske Konjice at the start to wish them safe travels.

Walker is used to leaving home, but this time around it was much more emotional for him.

"I slept very badly last night largely because this time I'm leaving home on foot and returning that way too, whereas in the past I usually flew somewhere and then started walking from there," he said.

What he most looks forward to is not seeing attractions but meeting new people. He is also especially excited about visiting Iran, India and African countries.


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