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DHL Express building new logistics centre in Brnik

The DHL Express logistics centre at Ljubljana airport. Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

The logistics company DHL Express Slovenija has begun building a new centre in the vicinity of Ljubljana Airport in Brnik to step up its capacity. The €21 million investment is expected to be completed next year.

The building, which is to span 8,400 gross square metres, will accept 190 employees and 40 delivery vehicles. Taking into account potential expansion plans, another 20 vehicles could be added to the fleet.

The automated sorting system will be able to process about 3,500 parcels per hour.

The construction, managed by the contractor GIC Gradnje, began in early April, according to DHL Express Slovenija.

The new centre will be located on a plot of land leased from the airport's operator Fraport Slovenija.

The investment is due to be a carbon-neutral project whose energy or heating will derive from a solar power plant and heat pumps. There will also be a rainwater harvesting system and 40 charging units for electric delivery vehicles.

"Our existing logistics centre cannot keep pace with exports and imports growth given the current digitalisation and globalisation trends," DHL Express Slovenija director Matjaž Sirk said.


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