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From hot to freezing in a day

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Snow on a blooming meadow in Ljubljana. Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

Shorts are out and winter coats and gloves are back in in Slovenia after temperature rollercoaster brought down readings by up to 26 degrees Celsius in a single day in a new record.

After more than ten days of unseasonably warm, summer-like weather with temperatures hitting 30C and over, the country saw an abrupt change in weather on 16 April with icy temperatures, winds, rain and snow.

The weather forecast turned out to be accurate this time, but many still were caught unprepared, ending up shivering and with hands numb with cold.

The U-turn in weather also caused some damage and traffic disruption due to strong winds and snowing. Temperature dropped below freezing point in many places.

The Environment Agency's readings show that temperatures in the afternoon on 16 April were 25 degrees Celsius lower than the previous day in certain parts of the country.

The record drop of 26.2 degrees was measured in Podčetrtek in the east, where the mercury dropped from 27.2 degrees on 15 April to one degree Celsius at 3pm the next day.

Meteorologist Blaž Šter told TV Slovenija on the late evening news show that the biggest problems were caused by the bora and tramontane winds in the western region of Primorska.

A lot of fresh snow has fallen at higher altitudes, up to 20 cm in some places. The Kredarica mountain lodge in the Julian Alps, at the altitude of 2,515 m, saw 40 cm of fresh snow, and the snow cover there is now three metres thick.

Šter said that the situation is calming down as the cyclone that has been causing such weather is moving south. However, low temperatures will persist and there are concerns they could affect crops in the coming days.

According to the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration, firefighters removed a total of 51 uprooted trees from the roads, pumped out water from six flooded buildings and removed damaged parts of the roof from three buildings.

They were also removing snow from vegetable gardens, greenhouses and other facilities.

The road over the Vršič mountain pass is currently closed, while winter gear is mandatory for the Korensko Sedlo, Ljubelj and Jezerski Vrh passes.


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