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Revoz reports doubling of profit as decision expected on new EV model

A Clio, assembled at Renault's Slovenian subsidiary Revoz in Novo Mesto. Photo: GA Adriatic

Revoz, the Slovenian subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault, has reported a doubling of its profit on lower sales for last year as a decision is expected shortly on whether the plant will start producing a new version of the electric Twingo model.

The Novo Mesto company posted €822.5 million in sales revenue in 2023, down from €933.3 million the year before. Net profit doubled to €9.4 million, from €4.7 million in 2022.

Revoz currently employs 1,400 people, working a single shift. Before the Covid pandemic, which coincided with the rollout of the fifth-generation Clio, the plant was running on three shifts.

Production was reduced during the pandemic and then the company faced disruption in the supply electronic parts, a problem that has since been resolved.

Revoz currently assembles Clio, Twingo and electric Twingo models, putting out 325 vehicles a day. Last year they made 60,881 vehicles.

The company will wrap up production of the current-generation electric Twingo and fossil fuel Twingo this year, so its future operations will depend much on Renault's decision whether a new version of the electric Twingo is assembled in Novo Mesto.

Reuters has recently reported that Renault plans to start producing a more affordable version of its electric Twingo at its Slovenian subsidiary in 2026, but Revoz says it can only confirm for the time being that the production of Clio will continue.

A decision on the new electric Twingo model, the concept of which was presented at the end of last year, is expected to be made "very soon", Revoz said on 22 April.

Renault cars have been assembled in Novo Mesto in southeastern Slovenia since 1973.


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