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Slovenia summons Serbian chargé d'affaires over Vučić's statements

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić pictured during the 2022 Brdo-Brijuni summit in Slovenia. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

The Foreign Ministry has summoned the Serbian chargé d'affaires in Ljubljana over Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić's recent offensive statements about Slovenia after a UN Security Council session dedicated to Kosovo.

The decision comes after Vučić said on 23 April that Serbia had fallen into a trap set by the US, Switzerland and Slovenia in the UN Security Council. "You don't know who's more disgusting - Slovenia or someone else," he added.

Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon described Vučić's statements as offensive, unacceptable and false.

"We demand an explanation, an apology. This is not in the spirit of neighbourly or friendly relations," Fajon said, adding that she could not imagine good cooperation if someone uses such offensive words and insults an entire nation.

"We expect Serbia to act in the spirit of European values that it itself advocates," she added on 24 April.

Prime Minister Robert Golob said such rhetoric was unbefitting of a head of state, let alone of the friendly relations between Slovenians and Serbs. "Such statements remind us of a different time and are unworthy of relations between the two countries," he was quoted as saying by his office.

As a member of the UN Security Council Slovenia is sincerely working for reconciliation between nations and "a respectful attitude to these efforts of ours is the least we expect from the president of the friendly Serbia," Golob added.

Vučić was irked by Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani's bringing several ethnic Albanian women from Kosovo, who were raped during the Kosovo war, with her to the UN Security Council session on 22 April to testify about Serbian war crimes.

Accusing Osmani of having lied that the women were members of her office, Vučić said that after it had transpired they were not, they were not allowed to attend the session under UN protocols. However, "one of the superpowers intervened" to make sure they took part in the session in the end, he added in reference to the "trap" against Serbia.

At the session, Osmani called on the Serbian president to issue an apology to the victims of the former Serbian regime, of which, she said, Vučić was a part of.

What also raised dust in Serbia was a draft resolution filed in the UN last week which calls for an international Srebrenica genocide remembrance day. Slovenia, a non-permanent member of the Security Council, was involved in the drafting of the proposal.

The Serbian Embassy in Ljubljana is run by Goran Marković as a chargé d'affaires. Slovenia has not approved Serbia's candidate for ambassador Zoran Đorđević, allegedly due to concerns raised by security and intelligence circles.


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