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Raiven finishes Eurosong in 23rd place

Raiven performs in the first semi final of Eurovision 2024. Photo: Sarah Louise Bennet/EBU

Slovenian Eurovision entrant Raiven finished the song contest in 23rd place, scoring 27 points. She received 15 points from jury votes and 12 from televoting.

Raiven's result is slightly worse that indie rockers Joker Out achieved last year, when they finished 21nd.

But this is nevertheless only the eighth time since 2004, when semi-finals were introduced, that the Slovenian entrant appeared in the final.

The 27-year-old told reporters after her 11 May performance that she had already been satisfied with her semi-final performnce and the final was just another step up from that.

"I was surprised I even made it to the final so I did not have the time to build up great expectations," she told Slovenian reporters.

The biggest surprise for her was that the actual Eurovision experience was far less stressful than everything in the lead up to her arrival in Malmö.

She described it as "one of the best things that has ever happened to me" and thanked everyone who helped her.

Raiven, the stage name of Sara Briški Cirman, performed Veronika, a dark song inspired by the historical figure of Veronika Deseniška, a 15th century countess and the first woman in Slovenia to be tried for witchcraft.

The singer, harpist and mezzo-soprano wrote the song for her upcoming album in which she explores the stories of iconic women from various historic periods.

When it comes to point allocation, Raiven received the most points from the Croatian jury and viewers, which awarded it ten points each. Juries in Azerbaijan and Albania awarded her three and two points, respectively, while two more points came from the televote in Serbia.

The Slovenian vote, meanwhile, was dispersed. The jury awarded twelve points to France, ten to Switzerland, eight to Portugal and seven to Armenia.

The popular vote handed twelve points to Croatia, ten to Israel and eight to Ukraine, and only four to the Swiss act Nemo, the eventual winner of the competition.

Asked about the winner, Raiven said Nemo was "an amazing performer who had a good song and a good concept. I like it. They deserved to win."

After 31 years since Slovenia joined the competition, the country's best result thus remain two seventh places, Darja Švajger's in 1995 and Nuša Derenda's in 2001.

In general, Slovenians have a penchant for fielding female solos: so far 15 entrants have been female solos, just four male solos, and seven duets or groups.


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