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Team Slovenia to go for chic at Paris 2024 opening ceremony

Team Slovenia's Paris Games opening ceremony outfit. Photo: Slovenia Olympic Team

Slovenia's Olympic team will sport a chic navy-blue and light-grey outfit with a flat cap for the Paris 2024 opening ceremony as a tribute to France, the host country.

"Winning, distinctive and functional," is how the Slovenian Olympic Committee (OKS) described the uniforms of Team Slovenia as they presented the Paris 2024 collection on 15 May.

The chief designer, Sandi Murovec has been collaborating with the Slovenian Olympic Committee since 2012, when he designed his first Slovenian Olympic collection for the London Games.

This time, he designed Team Slovenia's set of Olympic outfits to be a touch more elegant, but still functional and suitable for the Paris sports stage.

Rather than excluding each other, Murovec's successive Olympic collections build on each other, following graphic and design guidelines that have become well established in Slovenian sports and can be seen in almost all national sports team outfits.

The collection, which includes the opening ceremony outfit, leisure and training uniforms and those to be worn to medal ceremonies, features traditional colours and a graphic outline of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak and best known national symbol.

The Paris 2024 collection has been released in cooperation with the PEAK brand, the official outfitter of Slovenian Olympians. Items from the national collection will be available for fans starting from 18 May at select shops, including the Ljubljana Airport duty-free shop.


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