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PeK Automotive opens new facilities in Logatec

PeK Automotive inaugurates new production facility in Logatec. Photo: Katja Kodba/STA

PeK Automotive, a producer of autonomous electrical vehicles for agriculture, has inaugurated new production premises and offices in Logatec, some 30 km southwest of Ljubljana. The company will manufacture its vehicles entirely in Slovenia.

The company develops and produces autonomous vehicles or robots for cultivation of vineyards, orchards and other agricultural land. It also develops products for civil protection and the army, as well as tailored solutions, according to PeK Automotive executive director Ajda Cuderman.

The company, which has been operating under the Turkish Peker Holding since 2019, has invested around €20 million in Slovenia so far. It currently employs 96 people and expects to increase the number to 140 once production is fully operational. It expects added value per employee to reach between €120,000 and €140,000.

Speaking at the 21 May inauguration ceremony, PeK Automotive CEO Mikhail Kostkin noted that staffing shortages are impeding business operations in many places. South Korea and Japan, for example, deal with the issue through extensive use of robots in industry.

He is glad that the company is adding value to the agriculture sector in that sense, which is of special importance to Slovenia. "It's a strategic sector. Investment in development of the sector ensures supply with quality and sustainably produced food," he said.

One of the company's owners, Hasan Peker, noted that their products aim to solve important challenges of strategic sectors. "Using robots in agriculture, in particular viticulture and fruit growing, can increase production capabilities and make the sector in Slovenia and Europe much more sustainable."

Turkey's Ambassador to Slovenia Aylin Tashan said she is proud of the successful cooperation between Turkey and Slovenia. Turkish companies are recognising the potential of the Slovenian business environment, while Slovenian firms see the opportunities that cooperation with Turkey brings, she said.


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