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Slovenia to Participate in Mali Mission


Hojs's statement comes after EU foreign ministers called on member states to volunteer contributions to such a mission, which could run parallel to an armed intervention by Mali's African neighbours.

Though the final decision has not yet been made, Hojs said contributing one or two officers would be "sensible".

The operation under the framework of the EU's common defence and security policy would be a part of the Nigerian-led armed intervention with 3,300 troops that is expected to be deployed early in 2013.

Member states themselves must secure financing for participation in such missions, but Hojs is confident sending one or two soldiers is "a cost we can manage" considering that it will save money with the gradual downsizing of its Afghanistan contingent.

In spring 2013 Slovenia plans to reduce its contingent in Afghanistan from 80 to about 60, with further cuts planned for the subsequent rotations in 2013 and 2014, according to Hojs.

In the ALTHEA mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, it plans to reduce its contingent from 13 to 11 next year; in the KFOR mission in Kosovo, meanwhile, it plans to maintain the current presence of some 300 troops until at least autumn 2013.


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