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Slovenian finally available on Apple devices

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Apple iPhones. Photo: Apple

Slovenian iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to switch to Slovenian language menus on their devices after Apple announced that the coming iOS 18 operating system will offer Slovenian as an option.

Apple presented iOS 18 at its annual developers conference on Monday. Users of iPhone Xs and newer models will be able to download the new operating system in the autumn.

It has been expected for a while that Slovenian could be included in iPhone interfaces, and the Slovenian government and members of the European Parliament have been urging Apple to take action.

However, it appears that Apple decided to act only after the Slovenian parliament changed the law on the public use of Slovenian language in early April.

The law was passed unanimously, setting down use of Slovenian in electronic devices and services and giving companies a transitional period to adjust.

Before this, Slovenia had no leverage to make developers include Slovenian in their digital language ecosystems, and it was up to them to do so.

Microsoft has been offering Slovenian in their Windows operating system for more than 30 years.

Responding to Apple's move, the Culture Ministry said officials met with company representatives in Brussels when drafting the new legislation to present the new requirements.

Apple was told that once the law is passed, support for Slovenian would no longer be just a wish but a legal obligation.

"Apple is the first major corporation to comply with the requirements of the amended law on the public use of Slovenian. We expect that other developers will soon follow suit and that all devices will finally be able to speak Slovenian," the ministry said.


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