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Falkensteiner enters Slovenian market

Aerial view of the Lake Blaguš campsite. Photo: Falkensteiner Premium Camping Lake Blaguš

Austrian tourism giant Falkensteiner, one of the leading operators of tourist accommodation in the region, has entered the Slovenian market by taking over an upscale campsite in the east of the country.

Now named Falkensteiner Premium Camping Lake Blaguš, the campsite is situated by Lake Blaguš near Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici and features 47 plots in two sizes and 20 mobile units, which are divided into two types.

"All accommodation units are situated in the middle of pristine nature and offer a beautiful view of the lake and tranquil green forests," camp manager Dušica Mihaljević has told the Slovenian Press Agency.

The campsite has new toilet facilities, a sauna, a restaurant with a view of the lake, an area for socialising with a restaurant on wheels, a table tennis area, a beach volleyball court, and SUPs and canoes for rent.

The official opening is scheduled for 21 June, and the first guests will be mostly from Austria and Germany.

The rural Prlekija region has so far not featured prominently on the Slovenian tourist map, but it is becoming increasingly popular among people seeking to get away from the bustle of tourism hotspots.

"We would like to promote a part of Slovenia that is yet to be discovered by tourists," said Mihaljević.

The original tourist village by Lake Blaguš, a reservoir created by the damming of a local stream, was launched four years ago, when a local businessman built 16 houses made of wood and glass.

Falkensteiner has a strong presence in the region and runs accommodation facilities in Austria, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Czechia and Slovakia.


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