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Fintech Fliqa named startup of the year

Mobile finance. Stock photo by Halfpoint/EnvatoElements

Fintech firm Fliqa, which already has two products on the market, has been named Slovenian Startup of the Year, an accolade awarded by peers from the startup community.

The firm offers one-click transactions with merchants directly from the user's bank account, without having to have or use a credit card.

"This is an alternative to card transactions named pay-by-bank," co-founder Nina Strajnar told POP TV after receiving the accolade on 18 June.

Their other solution is a platform that enables different merchants to assess a customer's credit risk in real time.

"Using advanced algorithms, we process certain data when you are taking out a loan, so that you don't have to bring bank or payroll statements. All you need is to consent, pick your bank and the algorithm will automatically calculate your credit score," Strajnar said.

The company, which has ten employees, mostly software developers and compliance specialists, has so far been focused on Europe, where they have already entered into partnerships with several banks.

"Now we are targeting the Middle East, Switzerland and other global markets," Strajnar added.

The company has so far received funding from SRC, a Slovenian IT firm, and has partnered with the Dutch fintech firm IbanXS and the Slovenian payment processor Bankart, according to the initiative Startup Slovenija.

Startup Slovenija's Urban Lapajne said that the purpose of selecting the best startup of the year was to promote technological entrepreneurship, contribute to the transition to a knowledge-based society, and promote high value-added jobs.


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