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First Slovenian food delivery service resurrected

Relaunch of Ehrana. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

For a decade Ehrana was the first online food delivery service in Slovenia before it was absorbed by Glovo, a Spanish provider, in 2021. A month after Glovo left the market, Ehrana has been resurrected by its previous owner.

"In two weeks more than 70 restaurants have signed up," owner Matic Šubic, who worked as head of sales at Glovo after he sold his firm, announced on 19 June.

For now Ehrana only acts as an intermediary between customers and restaurants that provide their own delivery services.

It is already active in 12 cities, which Šubic hopes will expand to over 30 by the end of the year.

Ehrana's current business model sets it apart from the market leader, Wolt, which has its own fleet.

Depending on how the business develops, however, it might set up its own fleet of delivery drivers.

Another way in which it hopes to succeed is by betting on subsidised student meals, which all Slovenian students are entitled to.

"I believe we have a lot to offer, from student meals to affordable prices," said Šubic.

Šubic bills Ehrana as "a local ally" of restaurants. "Because we have good conditions for restaurants, they too can afford to offer better conditions to the users," he said.

The Ehrana app is already available on Android and iOS devices. Users can also complete orders online.


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