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President launches charitable foundation

President Nataša Pirc Musar and her husband Aleš Musar at an April 2024 presidential summit. Photo: Boštjan Podlogar/STA

President Nataša Pirc Musar has launched a charitable foundation whose core mission is to further career development of youths and intergenerational cooperation.

The idea for Alma Foundation emerged when Pirc Musar was campaigning for president and saw challenges such as the care for the elderly and the youth.

The president has limited powers, but can help on a voluntary basis, husband Aleš Musar, a co-founder of the foundation, said at a recent press event.

One of the foundation's programmes involves joining forces with schools to provide psychosocial support to the young, a collaboration with the Association of the Friends of Youth and the Slovenian Philanthropy.

Alma has also launched an intergenerational project termed Every Story Counts to collect older generations' experience, preserve their legacy and improve youth's skills.

Young people will visit the elderly who would tell them stories from their younger days, which would be written down and published, for instance, in school newspapers.

"The project is designed to bring children to visit the elderly and lonely," said Janez Pezelj, a member of Alma's board. He finds this important at a time when children are too absorbed by screens.

Darinka Pavlič Kamien, chair of the board, said the foundation will also work with care institutions to help address the shortage of staff.

The foundation's representatives also issued an appeal to volunteers to join them to help conceive and lead projects and organise events, especially the ones willing to work with the young and elderly.

"We want to achieve change in society beyond a single generation. We want to contribute to a healthier, more optimistic society that sees and is able to seize opportunities for progress, development and growth," said Pavlič Kamien.


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