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Van Rompuy's Budget Proposal Unacceptable for Slovenia


Slovenia's key priority is to remain among the net receivers, but since Van Rompuy's proposal would entail significant cuts in cohesion funds, Slovenia "would be badly hurt by these cuts".

"With the latest proposal we could lose over 40% of cohesion funds, which is why we find it unacceptable," Senčar stressed. In the 2007-2013 period, Slovenia has been earmarked EUR 4.3bn for cohesion policies.

The state secretary added that other members were also unhappy with the proposal, as net payers want additional cuts in the EU budget.

"We all want for a compromise to be reached this week, but not any compromise. Slovenia will try to improve the situation, but our key priority is to remain a net receiver," Senčar stressed, noting that Slovenia would remain one under Van Rompuy's proposal.

While acknowledging that cuts will have to be made, the secretary said that "it is key...that these cuts be balanced" and fair.

Another important item in the budget for Slovenia, funds for the development of the countryside, have not been clearly defined, while it is clear that they will also be cut significantly, which is why Senčar said it was too early to discuss figures for Slovenia.

He stressed that all figures that had been aired so far will have changed by the end of the week, while additional cuts can be expected. He however said that the final figure was on the horizon, but details would have to be discussed subsequently.

While Van Rompuy is expected to present a new proposal on Thursday evening, Senčar noted that the new budget would be calculated based on the final year of the previous fiscal period plus the inflation correction, should an agreement on the new budget not be reached.


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