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Mammoth corn maze treat for puzzle solvers

Mammoth-shaped corn maze in the Kranj area. Photo: Corn Maze Kranj

Adventurous spirits looking to have some fun can test their mettle in solving a corn maze that opened near Kranj, north-west of Ljubljana, on 6 July. The mammoth-shaped maze pays tribute to these extinct animals that used to roam the area in an ice age known as the Pleistocene epoch.

This is the third time in a row the organisers opened a corn maze in the summer, this time on the outskirts of Kranj, an area best accessed following the Kranj Vzhod or Kranj East motorway exit sign.

They powered up the time machine and went back to the ice age in an effort to see visitors "travel back in time and get away from the fast pace of life, smart devices and the digital world".

Provided with a map, visitors are invited to find their way through a cornfield of five hectares. There will be interactive stations sprinkled on their way where they can have fun, test their skills and learn more about the ice age, cavemen and prehistoric animals.

This year's shape of the maze highlights the fact that the area used to be home to mammoths back in the Pleistocene epoch. In the 1950s, their skeletons were unearthed not far away from the maze, Nataša Pečarič, who is part of the organising team, told the newspaper Dnevnik.

The newly opened venue will entertain children and those young at heart until the beginning of September when the corn will be harvested and used for animal feed.

The maze was devised in cooperation with the Maribor Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, with student Urška Urankar the mastermind behind the design layout.

In the mid-summer the organisers will open another corn maze in the Maribor area in eastern Slovenia.


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