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Minority in Italy launches own brand and website

The new brand of Slovenians in Italy. Photo:

The Slovenian community in Italy has launched its own brand and website to increase its recognisability, get more integrated and promote the best of what it has to offer.

Called Slovenians in Italy, the brand design features a carved-out heart, a symbol that often appears in Slovenian cultural heritage.

The heart is topped by a stylised blossom, which Andrej Pisani, the project's artistic director, says represents the best that comes from the heart and that they can offer to those who visit them.

The project was devised by two Slovenian umbrella organization in Italy, the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association and the Council of Slovenian Organisations.

The aim is to promote the history, culture, heritage, tourism and economy of the community, offering an opportunity for others to get to know about the community, as well as for the community to become more integrated.

The new visual image was presented in Trieste just days before the launch of a new website,, on 5 July. The website is initially available in Slovenian and Italian.

It features a variety of information, including on culture, tourism and events in the area from Milje/Muggia south of Trieste to Trbiž/Tarvisio on the tri-border area between Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

The tab Who We Are provides information about the history, language and the territory populated by the minority. Others present their places, what they offer in terms of culture, gastronomy and wine and tourist trails, as well as events, information about the brand and about the community's main institutions.

The project received €120,000 from the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia.


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