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Slovenian Food Bank Opens Its Doors


Food Bank director Alen Novit explained on the occasion that it took them a year to get to the point of actually being able to distribute food, after establishing ties with state bodies, local communities and food producers.

The goal of the Food Bank is to supply food to as many charities as possible, said Novit, adding that the need for aid in the form of food in the Velenje region is more urgent than in central Slovenia.

So far, potential donors have been rather hesitant, according to Novit. Only retailer Mercator and few food producers responded to the call. The food bank concept is not as known is Slovenia as it is abroad, according to Novit.

The Food Bank is an independent non-profit organisation with the goal of collecting and distributing food to charities. Apart from collecting food, the bank also accepts donations and sponsorships. The food is distributed by charities.

The Slovenian Food Bank is a member of the European Federation of Food Banks, which is comprised of 241 food banks from 21 countries.


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