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Civil Revolt in European Capital of Culture


The protesters burnt pictures and puppets depicting the mayor, as well as cardboard speed traps, similar to those Kangler had set up across the city recently in a move that triggered the wave of pronounced dissatisfaction in Slovenia's second largest city.

Apart from the symbolic motto "He is finished!", which the protesters have been using for the past weeks, the banners and signs said "We are Maribor, lock up Kangler!" and "The sooner you step down, the sooner there will be peace", only to name a few.

The rally was called in Maribor's central square, but several protesters tried to get to the municipality headquarters, located a stone's throw away.

As the police tried to prevent the people from reaching the municipality, the situation escalated. Since they refused to withdraw, the police used tear gas to push them back.

According to the Maribor police administration, the police reacted after individuals started throwing torches, granite cubes, sticks, traffic signs, skips, stones and other objects at them.

Since the protesters ignored their warnings, the police broke up the rally by using force.

Three police officers were injured in the clash, while several violent protesters have been detained, the police said.

Public broadcaster RTV Slovenia had reported earlier that ten police officers had been injured along with several protesters.

The protesters also called for the abolishment of immunity for national councillors and MPs and urged courts to act against the mayor, who was elected councillor just last week in a vote that sparked loud protests in front of the town hall.

Around 1,000 protests threw eggs, banana peels and rotten tomatoes at electors, as they exited the town hall. Kangler had to leave the building under police guard.

Like the past protests against Kangler, today's was also organised via Facebook. The group dubbed "Franc Kangler must resign as Maribor mayor" has generated nearly 21,000 likes by now.

The first two protests against Kangler on 2 and 12 November were rather small compared to the two most recent rallies. More protests are announced for the coming weeks.


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