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Limited Civil Revolt moved from Maribor to Ljubljana


An estimated 1,000 protesters gathered in the capital's Kongresni Square after 5 PM to later move to the Square of the Republic where they were stopped by riot police protecting the parliament building.

"Maribor, hold on", "We are with you Maribor", "You are protecting thiefs", were some of the slogans that came from the crowd.

Individuals argued that Slovenia had become an oasis for elites and that the citizens did not need such a country.

Moreover, some people burnt pictures of Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak and shouted "we want Vinko", while a group also headed for the town hall.

Short scuffles in the crowd, allegedly caused by disguised organised groups, were reported.

Protesters also lowered the Slovenian flag flying in front of parliament to half mast.

Riot police were also dispatched to protect the nearby government headquarters, where members of the ruling coalition were discussing Monday's protest as well as the planned pension reform.

The protest was mostly peaceful, with police assuring the press that coercive measures would only be used as a final resort.

Still, the use of tear gas was reported in at least one incident towards the end of the protest, while a few arrests were made as well.

Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković also appeared at the rally and gave interviews to the press in Kongresni Square. Amidst some whistling, he said that he had come in order to protest against the government austerity measures.

While the protest started petering out after around three hours, some protesters announced they would persist in front of parliament throughout the night.

Today's rally came after Monday's mass protest in Maribor - calling for the resignation of Mayor Franc Kangler over mounting evidence of corruption - saw clashes with the police, which rejected today accusations that it had used excessive force.


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