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Thousands Protest against Political Elites in Ljubljana


Most banners are critical of politicians including Prime Minister Janez Janša, opposition Positive Slovenija leaders Zoran Janković and Education Minister Žiga Turk.

They demand that "tycoons and thieves" be locked up. The protesters say that judges and trade unionists are also responsible for the situation in the country.

Over 11,000 people liked the Facebook page calling upon the prime minister to resign and initiating the rally.

"We're neither left nor right, we're cheated!" says one of the banners. After gathering in Congress Square, the protesters headed towards the parliament building.

The streets around the parliament building and government and presidential palace have been closed off and riot police are on sight. The daily Večer says the protesters are calling on the riot police to join the protest.

Calls for a peaceful protest were voiced by many, including the President Danilo Türk, parliamentary parties, the Catholic Church, the police and other organisations.

Protests are also being held in Koper (SW), Nova Gorica (W) and Novo Mesto (SE). So far all rallies have been peaceful. In Novo mesto, the rally has already come to an end. In Koper, 150 people are reported to have gathered.


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