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Wave of Protests Not Letting Up, Moving East


According to the organisers of the protest in Krško, they have had enough of what is happening in the country. "Well done, Maribor, Ljubljana, Kranj, Novo mesto. It's also time for Posavje now," the protesters said on Facebook.

The Facebook event, calling for peaceful demonstrations, has been joined by over 200 people so far, while the rally is aimed to show "that they think with their own heads and hey want back what has been stolen".

The Novo mesto Police Administration said that they would not interfere with today's protest unless violations of law and order are registered. Apart from that, the police will pay special attention to violations of election blackout that is in place because of the presidential run-off.

Meanwhile, the rally in Brežice will be focused against the proposed changes to legislation on kindergartens - the organisers say that the changes will destroy public pre-school education. They also demand that Education Minister Žiga Turk immediately steps down over "lack of expertise, negligence and ignorance".

The protests in Posavje come in the aftermath of a string of protests that were triggered by a massive rally in Maribor against the city's Mayor Franc Kangler and culminated in Ljubljana on Friday.

In the capital, initially peaceful demonstrations turned into clashes between police and a group of violent protesters, which ended with over 20 people injured and over 30 detained.


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