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PM Janša "Satisfied" with New President


"He achieved an excellent and convincing result. I thank him in particular because he talked about things that are not popular but are necessary - winning support despite that," Janša told the press, as he also thanked Türk "for the good things he has done".

The prime minister said the low turnout was a signal that politicians needed to "take seriously" and propose steps that would "restore the confidence that problems can be solved through democratic institutions", which requires "changes that we did not think were necessary a few months back".

Janša did not specify what measures the government would propose, but he noted that the government's mandate was the least protected, while the terms of mayors, judges, MPs and local councillors were fixed.

Considering the state the country is in, he said a "thorough reconsideration" would be made with regard to not just economic measures but measures involving "changes to the political system" without which "we will not be able to eliminate the blockades."

Tying his plan with the ongoing street protests against the political establishment, Janša said all those who voice their protests in a peaceful way and advocate their opinions deserve to be acknowledged as active citizens.

The minority that actually voted today deserves a double acknowledgement, since relationships in society are regulated with voting, "the only civilised way to solve problems."

He said that the "entire political establishment and the active citizenry" face the challenge in the "crucial weeks ahead" to implement "corrections to the political system" that will enable the elimination of blockades, in particular in the judiciary.

This has to be done "in order for what seems impossible to become real: Slovenia becoming not just a state governed by the rule of law but an equitable state as well," the prime minister said.


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