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Greenpeace Urges Slovenia to Support Curbing of Fishing in EU


Because Slovenia is a fishing nation it must protect the natural resource for the future generation, head of Greenpeace Slovenia Nina Štros said.

According to Greenpeace, 82% of fish species in the Mediterranean are affected by excessive fishing and the same goes for 62% of fish species in the Atlantic.

The entire EU fishing fleet is capable of catching two to three times more fish than can be replaced. The NGO believes that by changing its fishery policy the EU could end the "extermination of life in our seas".

The NGO believes that licences issued to Slovenian fishermen are too generous given the country's natural resources. This does not only reduce the survival chances of the existing fishermen, it also jeopardises the sector as such.

The Agriculture Ministry, on the other hand is striving to secure EU funds to overhaul the country's fishing fleet.


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