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Final Debate on Pension Reform


The pension reform has enjoyed bipartisan backing throughout parliamentary passage and was endorsed at second reading, along with over 100 amendments to the 430 articles put forward by the coalition following talks with trade unions and employers, on Thursday.

Agreeing with the government's argument that Slovenia needs the reform to keep its pension purse sustainable, the opposition has joined the coalition in backing the law. Their only concern has been whether the reform will produce lasting effects.

Talks with social partners were still ongoing on Monday, with unions announcing they would give their final position just before Tuesday's session.

Employers accepted the last version of the reform, whereas the unions and the government still remained to find common ground on the calculation rate for pensions and benefits stemming from years of study.

While the third reading is scheduled to be conducted on Tuesday, the final vote on the pension and disability insurance bill is scheduled for Thursday, along with a number of other matters the National Assembly will debate at the three-day session.

MPs are also scheduled to debate tweaks to the bank tax law on Tuesday, before starting a debate on the 2013 and 2014 budgets on Wednesday.


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