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Talks on General Political Reform to Begin Shortly


Since he made the announcement on Sunday he said he had been receiving proposals for solutions "that did not have a two percent chance of succeeding just weeks ago".

Janša has not specified which solutions might be on the table, but business daily Finance quoted well-placed sources as saying that a system allowing for a recall of elected officials, including the president of the republic, was in the works.

This squares with Janša's statement on Sunday, when he said the government was the only body whose term was open to challenge, whereas officials such as MPs, mayors and councillors had fixed terms.

Recall of mayors and local councillors could be implemented with changes to the local government act, but recalling MPs or the president would require changes to the Constitution, which are adopted with a two-thirds majority in parliament.

The prime minister said today that his Democrats (SDS) would present their solutions on Wednesday. He hopes other parties will do so as well.


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