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New Tensions in Coalition


Snap election is always a possibility, but bartering with statements like "support our solutions and you get snap election" is indecent, Virant, who supports several proposals tabled by the SDS, noted.

Proposals are some sort of a reaction to the recent protests that have shaken up the country recently, according to the speaker, who expressed doubt whether they were the right one.

"Especially bartering or even blackmailing show that the SDS didn't fully grasp the meaning of Sunday's run-off and the demonstration - the message that politics is not about trading and that the people expect cooperation from us," Virant stressed.

Touching on a message that the coalition was open both to inviting new parties as well as getting rid of some, he said that it might have been meant to put the pressure on those coalition partners that do not seem so firm.

However, the DL will continue down its path and will not budge in its principles, "not even for a millimetre". "We will not bow to any kind of blackmail," Virant stressed.

Commenting on suggestions that Janša was trying to introduce "a second republic", he said that it did not mean anything. "A second republic, what is that? We have one republic and we have to get it in order."

The SDS's proposals for reforming the political system are well known, but some will surely not get the required two-thirds majority in parliament, he noted.

The DL supports the party's proposal to abolish the National Council, the upper chamber of parliament, and the introduction of a test term for new judges, while it finds the proposal that would introduce the reelection of judges after their term unacceptable.

According to Virant, this proposal is unworthy of a democratic country and "this must not be done".

The junior coalition party, which tabled its proposals on Tuesday, would enable 15% of municipal voters to demand a vote on the recall of the mayor and introduce a preferential vote in elections. It also supports the SDS's proposal to restrict a single mayor's terms to two.


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