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Traditional Loss in NLB


The bank will maintain its capital adequacy while the "area of liquidity is without doubt...under control," Medja said.

Weighted down by a portfolio of bad loans, NLB is working hard on addressing the bank's bad assets, said Medja, who took over in October after serving as NLB's chief supervisor.

He does not see things improving considerably in the near future, but he expressed hope that the bank will be able to bring the situation under control over time. But mopping up the bank's balance sheets will be considerably faster if a systemic solution is applied, he added.

He stressed that the deleveraging of the Slovenian economy could last at least five years, adding that he hoped that businesses would realize that the process will have to be accelerated by looking for fresh capital at home or abroad.

With regards to contingent convertible bonds from the previous round of recapitalisation, he said he could not guarantee they would not be converted into capital. "It is vital that in December all efforts are invested into capital adequacy," he said.

NLB will be seeking a new EUR 375m capital injection at a shareholders meeting called for 29 December. The bank said the proposal was of a "precautionary measure" in case of a negative turn of events "in the economic and other areas", the bank said as it announced the proposal a week ago.

With regards to the poor heath of the Slovenian banking system, Medja said certain things would have to be clarified before things can move on. "This matter will not be forgotten, but things will not be done publicly as this hurts the business," he said. He added that the bank actively cooperated with authorities conduction investigations in the bank.

He also commented on the constitution of NLB's management board, which is currently down to only two members. "I am certain we will find (suitable candidates) and that the entire team will be ready by the end of March 2013," he said.


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