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Snow Causing Disruptions in Traffic, Electricity Supply


The situation was the worst in Primorsko, where the A1 motorway from Ljubljana to Koper has been closed before junction Unec in the direction towards Koper.

Drivers have been stuck in a several-kilometre queue in the wind and snow for hours there.

Spokesperson of the motorway company DARS Marjan Koler told the STA the problem was that DARS's snowplows were also stuck in the jam due to strong winds and snowdrifts.

But DARS official Matej Malgaj, who is in charge of motorways maintenance, asserted that other available vehicles had been activated so that at least one lane of the motorway would be cleared up as soon as possible.

Malgaj said DARS had anticipated the "extremely unfavourable conditions" and had started excluding trucks from the entire A1 motorway between Ljubljana and the coast at around 2 AM.

However, the problems occurred, because heavy vehicles did not follow instructions from the police and DARS, he explained.

The motorway was also closed for several hours before the Studenec service area in the direction towards Ljubljana, but now traffic is running smoothly there.

Problems were also reported earlier today on the expressway between Razdrto and Vrtojba between Vipava and Nanos in the direction of Razdrto. Several main roads in the region also had to be closed.

The western town of Ajdovščina has been almost completely cut off due to snow drifts and strong bora.

The Koper port has also been partly closed since this morning.

Two border crossings with Croatia, Podgorje and Brezovica, are also closed.

According to the traffic information centre, heavy snowfall has also caused jams in the section between Mirna Peč and Karteljevo in the direction of Obrežje on the Dolenjsko motorway and before the Pletovarje tunnel in the direction of Maribor on the Štajersko motorway.

Apart from the 1,200 households in Primorsko which were left without electricity today, the Trebnje area also had some problems with electricity supply this morning. According to power distributor Elektro Primorska, only about 600 household are still without electricity in Primorsko, as teams are doing everything they can to fix the damage on the power grid.

No disturbances have been reported at the Ljubljana airport so far.


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