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Poll Shows Strong Support for Protests


All protests enjoy above-average support among people between 26 and 35 years of age and among those with vocational schooling; support is higher among men. The highest share of those who oppose the protests outright are supporters of the ruling Democrats (SDS), people above 65 and women, the survey found.

Delo's in-house pollster Delo Stik also asked the respondents what they believe are the reasons for the recent wave of protests, allowing for more than one response.

Nearly 70% of the respondents believe the protests are a revolt against elites, the government and mayors, 64% say they are motivated by the people's dissatisfaction with their social situation, 51% believe the rallies are voicing the people's demand for a better welfare state, while 12% labelled them as hooliganism.

Moreover, the survey found that 61% of the respondents believe that Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak, who will face an ousting motion in the National Assembly this week, should resign. About a fifth of the respondents said that Gorenak should stay on as minister.

Moreover, the survey conducted between 5 and 6 December among 403 respondents shows that 39% believe the best way out of the political crisis would be a government reshuffle. Around 18% support a technocrat government, 16% want an early election, while 13% said things should remain as they are.

The pollster also tested support for the teachers' trade union's (SVIZ) plan to go on strike over pay cuts planned by the government, finding that 49% support the strike, whereas 46% are opposed to it.


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