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Countries Could Enter Environmental Crisis


Countries that will not transform into low-carbon economies will lack resources and energy which they will have to buy at high prices, while the environment itself will take its toll, Potočnik noted.

Should countries fail to incorporate sustainability into all kinds of state policies, legislation will have to be changed. But once the nature's warnings will no longer be possible to ignore, the transformation into green economy will be harder.

The current system, which is ruled by the market is too slow and incomplete in incorporating sustainability principles because the financial, business and economic world is only focused on the short-term prospects. Politics meanwhile is trapped by the cycle of elections, Potočnik explained.

Transformation into an economy that would be based on economical use of resources and energy is inevitable and avoiding this truth will only provide a seeming exit from the crisis, while deepening it in truth, he was clear.

To overcome the current situation, new innovation ranging from small changes to great technological breakthroughs is needed. Systemic changes must be implemented and any mistakes humanity might do in the process could prove fateful, Potočnik added.

Agriculture and Environment Minister Franc Bogovič meanwhile said that Slovenia had been implementing government sustainability measures, including the use of domestic wood, self-sufficiency in food and an increased share of renewables in energy production.

The government is well aware of the problem and its actions are aimed at resolving it, Bogovič added.


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