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Change of Austerity Act, Full Pensions for 8,000 People


The act on the balancing of public finances cut their pensions as part of an effort to exclude from the pension purse liabilities that did not stem from contributions.

The changes will restore full pensions to around 8,000 pensioners, whose contributions were paid to pension purses in other Yugoslav countries.

Coalition parties backed the changes. The ruling Democrats (SDS), New Slovenia (NSi) and the People's Party (SLS) underlined that the group for which the pensions were being restored had paid pension contributions.

Roman Žvegljič of the SLS moreover said that the elimination of liabilities not stemming from contributions from the pension purse did not cause financial distress for anybody, because pensions under EUR 600 were exempt from the cut.

The coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) finds the solution acceptable. They said however that the changes failed to remedy all anomalies and that they expected the government to undo the wrongs "without creating ideological divisions".

The party hopes that pensions of all groups whose income was cut will be restored: WWII fighters, those sent to war camps, former employees in the Yugoslav People's Army, and police and customs officials who worked all across Yugoslavia.

The coalition Citizens' List (DL) supported the changes, but the party also believes that the changes only solve a part of the problem. "I am confident that the Constitutional Court will resolve it," said DL head Gregor Virant.

The opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) and Social Democrats (SD) voted against the changes because they believe that the pensions of all groups affected by the act on the balancing of public finance should be restored.

The opposition also pointed out that as many as 20,000 pensioners would see their rights violated in the future.


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