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3000 in Maribor Tell City Council to Leave by 20 December


The "Let's Grill the Octopus" protest in Maribor, the fourth major rally in the city in as many weeks, targeted the city council and cronies who had supported the allegedly corrupt policies of Kangler but refused to step down after the mayor announced his resignation last week.

Contrary to two previous rallies, which saw heavy clashes with police, the protesters were peaceful, issuing an ultimatum to the city council and Kangler to go by 20 December 3 PM or face more wrath on 21 December when rallies against the political establishment are announced around the country.

A rally was also held in Murska Sobota, where around 2,500 had gathered a week ago. The turnout was much lower this time, but around 250 protesters insisted in their protest against the government's austerity policies and the demand that those responsible for the siphoning off of state funds in the past 20 years be brought to justice.

For the first time protests were also held in Lendava (NE), involving around 40 protesters, and Trebnje (SE), where around 50 people criticised the local mayor.

The third rally was organised in Kranj (NW), where some 50 protesters - compared to 1,000 two weeks ago - demanded the resignation of the local and state elite.


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