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Public Sector Announced Strike for January



The strike will be the "D-day for the public sector, when we will begin efforts first and foremost against layoffs," Štrukelj said.

The unions will publish a full list of demands by Wednesday, when they will also sign an agreement on how to implement the strike.

Currently, a one-day strike is planned, but later it "would be rolling from one part of the state or individual activities to the other in order to become unpredictable so as to increase the tension should the government refuse to enter dialogue with employees in the public sector," Štrukelj said.

Public sector unions also agreed today to file 2,500 signatures to initiate a referendum on the budget implementation law, which was passed in parliament today. The government "left us with no opportunity to negotiate," Štrukelj said.

The budget implementation law is illegal and unconstitutional, as it encroaches on the system of public sector wages and the collective bargaining agreements.

It also "ignores the law on the balancing of public finances", which lowered the salaries in line with an agreement between the unions and the government, Štrukelj said.

The Constitution allows for a situation where the state finances its budgetary needs through a temporary budget, Štrukelj said, stressing that a referendum on the budget implementation law would not result in a legal gap as suggested by Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič.

He added a similar situation occurred in 2001. "If the government wants to prevent this, they will negotiate with us", he added.


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