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Writers' Association Calls for "National Unity Government"


The protests of the people are a voice of the humiliated and outraged, who have been stripped of their hardly-earned means of survival, of their dignity and of their children's dignity, the association wrote, adding that the current political elites have taken the citizens hostage and stole their state and liberty.

According to the DSP, the resignation of the current government and the forming of a transitional government should be followed by an early election, where new political but non-ideological groups and movements should step forward that will pursue policies in line with the will of the people.

The parliament should thus become a real "house of democracy" that will "perform its Constitution-based tasks with zeal and responsibility", the association stressed in the statement signed by its president Veno Taufer.

The statement further brings to mind that opinion polls show majority support for the protests and that the majority forms the legislation and Constitution.

"This is why it is our obligation and right to defend liberty against the greed of parties" and the arrogance of the ruling party, the DSP wrote.

Moreover, the association wrote that the artificially-spurred financial crisis is just another name for "the most brutal exploitation of people", while calling for a "lean state" and austerity is another name for "resetting" the state, which is supposed to be based on social justice and human rights.

The writers also stressed that the people did not want to live in a state divided by forced ideologies and systemic corruption run by selfish party interest.

According to the association, the people demand the resignation of politicians who in the name of party programmes supported the pillaging of state assets and systematic undermining of the economy, and who were "flirting" with the influence of the Catholic Church.


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