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Final Damage of November Floods at EUR 373m


The Economic Development and Technology Ministry will have to file an application with the European Commission by mid-January, the minister noted.

According to Hojs, the flood damage also exceeds the threshold that requires relief programmes. He added that the economic ministry had already filed documents on damage to relevant ministries which will have to draw up repair plans.

November floods caused damage to 7,892 people in 112 municipalities across Slovenia, the Government Communication Office said. Damage, excluding VAT, amounted to EUR 55m on property, to EUR 45m in economy, to EUR 15.7m on state roads, to EUR 710,000 on railways and to EUR 194.5m on watercourses.

The government also went over a report on the damage cause by summer drought. According to the minister, the drought caused damage to some 17,000 people on 106,000 hectares of land in 122 municipalities. The extent of damage is estimated at EUR 56m.

The Defence Ministry will task the Agriculture and Environment Ministry with drawing up a repair programme, Hojs explained.


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