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Slovenia Requests for EU Aid after Autumn Floods


The floods caused nearly EUR 360m in direct damage, including the cost of the relief campaigns and excluding the damage suffered by the economy due to loss of revenue, the ministry said.

The request is based on figures discussed by the government on 20 December, when the cabinet got acquainted with a report that put the final damage at EUR 373m.

November floods caused damage to 7,892 people in 112 municipalities across Slovenia, the Government Communication Office said on 20 December.

Damage, excluding VAT, amounted to EUR 55m on property, to EUR 45m in economy, to EUR 15.7m on state roads, to EUR 710,000 on railways and to EUR 194.5m on watercourses, the press release also stated.

If aid is approved, the funds amount to 2.5% of damage below 0.6% of GDP of the EU member state and 6% of what exceeds 0.6% of GDP.

Slovenia expects an answer in the second half of the year, as the request must be approved by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Council.


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