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Ombudsman Pick Will Be a Challenge for President Pahor


Party officials refused to disclose their favourites, but they indicated it would be a challenge for Pahor to pick a candidate capable of securing the required two-thirds majority in parliament.

The decision will hinge on the two biggest parties in parliament, the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) and the coalition Democrats (SDS).

The SDS has a favourite but deputy group leader Jože Tanko was only willing to indicate after the meeting with Pahor that their pick is from the list of 26 people who submitted their candidacies.

The PS gave Pahor a short list of potential candidates. PS deputy group leader Jani Möderndorfer said they listed several that are "definitely acceptable".

Both Tanko and Möderndorfer, however, said it would be "challenging" for Pahor to pick a candidate.

The opposition Social Democrats (SD) do not have a clear favourite, but deputy group leader Janko Veber said his party was willing to back any candidate that the two biggest parties may agree on.

The coalition Citizens' List (DL) "trusts Pahor to propose a good candidate who will enjoy the trust of both the parties and the public," DL deputy Katarina Hočevar said after a meeting with Pahor.

The Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) also leaves the choice up to Pahor, while the People's Party (SLS) said it did not have a clear favourite.

The New Slovenia (NSi) was the only party to indirectly reveal its favourite, former labour minister and party member Marjeta Cotman.

A total of 26 candidates applied for the job, including former head of the government Office for National Minorities Stane Baluh, current Information Commissioner Nataša Pirc Musar and current deputy ombudsman Tone Dolčič.

Outgoing Ombudsman Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik did not file her candidacy but she has indicated she would be willing to discuss taking on a new term should the president ask her to do so.

The president may nominate several candidates and can also chose to nominate an individual who has not filed a candidacy.


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