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Minister Žerjav Lends Ear to Problems of Roma Community


Roma Association President Jožek Horvat Muc, who invited the minister to Murska Sobota for what was the first visit of this sort, said that important progress has been achieved since Slovenia became independent, although the community remains discriminated against and subjected to intolerant treatment by many.

Many Roma still lack adequate housing conditions, the infrastructure in their settlements is poor or non-existent, unemployment has gotten even worse in recent years - not because of the crisis but because of discrimination - and employment programmes are not being implemented.

Moreover, Roma living in cities are also having major problems, as they remain without expert support and isolated, while many have been forcefully evicted, Horvat said, calling for systemic support on the part of the state to for instance secure water in all settlements.

Žerjav promised to notify the head of the government Commission for Roma Issues Franc Bogovič, who is a fellow member of the People's Party (SLS), of the problems discussed today. The minister sees opportunities for the Roma in social entrepreneurship combined with tourism, for which international funding could be secured.


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