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Euromoney: Slovenia's Bank Stability Fall Biggest in Europe


"The banking sector in Slovenia has a different history to other eurozone indebted countries. The majority of problems were raised in the process of privatization," Euromoney analysts wrote in their report.

According to them, Slovenian banks urgently need new capital. "However, due to the ownership is quite difficult to raise new capital, because most large banks are owned by the state, which means there is little interest from private investors to invest in the Slovenian banking sector."

Slovenia is followed on the list by Ireland, Italy and Spain. Switzerland tops the list.

The stability of the banking system deteriorated in all European countries included in the survey bar Sweden and Switzerland.

The indicator of banking stability also deteriorated the most in Slovenia when looking at only last year's eleventh months. Spain followed closely.

The situation remained unchanged in Switzerland, Estonia and Slovakia, while the biggest improvement was recorded in Albania, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia.

The list of bank stability in November 2012 is topped by Norway and bottomed by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slovenia ranks in the bottom half of the list ahead of Italy, Hungary and Portugal and following Latvia, Cyprus and the UK.


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