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Union Rally in Front of Chamber of Commerce


The union said it insisted on a pay increase as the wages of all 86,000 workers in the sectors were below average.

SKEI has recently stepped up its demands although employers were not ready to even discuss last year what the union says are unrealistically modest demands.

The union demands a 6.5% pay rise in the electronics sector, a 7.5% raise in the steel sector and a 9% raise in the foundry industry.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 11 AM. The GZS has announced a press conference for 10 AM to discuss "actual conditions" in the sectors.

SKEI president Lidija Jerkič told the press last week that wages must allow workers to live above the poverty line, which is why no wage in the sectors, starting with January 1 this year, must be below EUR 624 net, which is the newly-defined threshold.

While the basic minimum gross wage in Slovenia was raised to EUR 783 in January, the lowest basis gross wage in the electronics and steel sectors is as low as EUR 485 gross.

Additional demands include a one-off payment amounting to 20% of the wage, as well as holiday allowance.

If there is no response, a first strike will be held on 23 January when workers will stay at home and give up on their wage for the day.

The protest and the potential strike have been backed by the KSJS and the ZSSS trade union confederations.


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