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Increasing Pressure On PM To Resign



Speaking after the session of the executive committee, Erjavec said the party believes chances are slim for a new coalition to be formed.

Early elections seem to be the best option, especially due to the general discontent among the people, Erjavec said.

The party is sceptical that the prime minister of the Democrats (SDS) will resign. SDS ministers who could take over have indicated this was not an option, Erjavec said.

"This leads us to expect that Janša will not resign, which will make it impossible for a different prime minister to take charge of the current coalition," Erjavec explained.

A similar conclusion was drawn Saturday by the coalition Citizen's List (DL). The party of Parliamentary Speaker Gregor Virant demanded that Janša resign or call a vote of confidence in parliament in the next ten days.

Tensions in the coalition have been high since the Corruption Prevention Commission published a report that found the prime minister in breach of the country's integrity law because he failed to properly account for at least EUR 210,000 in assets.

Ljubljana Mayor and opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) leader Zoran Janković was also singled out in the report for grave violations related to his assets. His party voted on Saturday upon Janković's proposal to suspend him as president until party elections are held later this year.


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