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Govt Expected to Debate Border Arbitration Documents


Slovenia and Croatia have until 11 February to submit memoranda to the arbitration tribunal. They will also exchange their memoranda. They are due to respond to the counterparty's claims by 11 November, with the analysis of the memoranda due to start in the spring of 2014.

The government is due to debate today "the fourth regular report of the Foreign Ministry's project unit for arbitration that already includes a proposal of the subject matter of the dispute", Slovenia's agent on the tribunal Simona Drenik told the STA on Monday.

The report would then also be discussed next week by the Strategic Council for Foreign Policy and the parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee.

Slovenia and Croatia have not settled on the subject of the dispute. "This is why each party will present how it sees the course of the border as on 25 June 1991", Drenik said.

The memorandum and all the associated documents are confidential in accordance with the arbitration agreement.


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