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US Ambassador Interfering Too Much?


The ambassador "has been consistent in his view that Slovenians should not become distracted from the issues that most affect them - such as urging leaders to make their first priority to continue to implement much needed reforms," the embassy's public affairs officer, Christopher Wurst, said.

"If some are distressed by our concern for the Slovenian people, then so be it," the official said in a written statement in response to a request for comment on an open letter in which the Club of Slovenian Ambassadors accused Mussomeli of meddling in Slovenia's internal affairs and "disrespecting the dignity of patriotic Slovenians".

"It does not matter which political bloc in Slovenia you hold dearer, you have no authority for your political activism," Peter Toš, the chairman of the club that brings together former Slovenian ambassadors, said in the letter, which was made public on Thursday.

Mussomeli had in the past few days commented on the current political crisis in the country, cautioning against early elections and speaking in favour of solutions that would push reforms forward.

Former President Danilo Türk had publicly berated Mussomeli for his comments on a government coalition following the early election in December 2011.


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