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The Final End Of Janša's Coalition Next Week?


Janša's office said the PM would probably respond to the latest developments early next week.The statements come after the SDS initially announced a press conference by Janša for the end of this week after several fellow coalition parties demanded his resignation in the face of an incriminating anti-graft report.

On Monday an ultimatum expired put to coalition parties by Janša, who said the SDS would start preparing for early elections if they refuse to continue cooperation, while next Tuesday the deadline will expire set to the PM by the coalition Citizens' List (DL).

Janša's office explained today that the prime minister would probably comment on the developments early next week when he will also file an appeal against the report of the Corruption Prevention Commission at the Administrative Court.

Unofficially, talks have been under way among parties on the formation of a new coalition, but none has confirmed this.

If Janša does not subject himself to a vote of confidence, MPs can file a motion for a vote of non-confidence, but they must also simultaneously put forward a candidate who is to replace the prime minister.

Janša has labelled the proposal of parties that the SDS put forward a new PM-designate a "transparent manoeuvre" and the small parties' inclination to seek early elections as "empty posturing".

The SDS meanwhile wrote today that it is not the SDS's turn to react. The party expects a move from "those who are announcing the demolition of the government in times of crisis".

They need to be asked whether "they will continue with their destructive actions that are hurting the country or if they will finally resort to reason".

The party added it had predicted the present developments and the events expected in the coming weeks at its session. The scenario with "the main player on the surface", DL leader Gregor Virant, has been in the making since mid-December and is completely predictable, the SDS added.

The ruling party moreover asked Virant to explain why he "illegally tolerated" in his capacity as parliament speaker that Corruption Prevention Commission boss Goran Klemenčič sent the commission's annual report to parliament with a four month delay.

Virant responded to Janša's refusal to take any step by calling it irresponsible. "By making a move that is constructive for the country, he could show how much he loves Slovenia. He sees that his coalition is falling apart and his only options are a resignation or a confidence vote," he said.

Virant added that if nothing happens by next Tuesday, the DL would meet on Wednesday and then the "decision will fall".

Asked whether the DL was ready to engage in any cooperation with the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS), whose leader Zoran Janković temporarily resigned amid graft accusations as PS head, Virant said that "the DL will not discuss any coalition with Janković, nor will it sign any agreements with him" until Janković also steps down as Ljubljana mayor.


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